Music Recording Contract Fraud

According to a recent lawsuit by R&B artist Ginuwine, whose real name is Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, his recent contract deal with King Music Group, Inc. does not exist and neither does the company for this matter. The singer alleged, in a lawsuit filed with New York’s state Supreme Court, he was falsely convinced to sign a recording artist contract with the company which seemingly does not even exist.  The terms and conditions of the contract stipulated Ginuwine produce one album with King Music Group for $1.75 million with an advance of $500,000.

While the music recording contract was signed between the two parties on May 8, 2007, Ginuwine and his entertainment attorney now allege there is no listing for a King Music Group, Inc, and that the artist has not received any of the financial backing nor produced any music which was agreed to in the publishers contract. The lawsuit, which was filed October 5, 2007, alleges the King Music Group is guilty of breach of contract, negligent representation, and fraud.  Ginuwine and his lawyer are seeking $4 million in damages stemming from the fraudulent contract and conduct of King Music Group.

Ginuwine’s attorney states that calls and attempts to reach the alleged owner of King Music Group, Inc., Michael Bourne, have not proven successful. The attorney also commented on the difficulties entering this music publishing contracts has caused for Ginuwine’s career in that the artist is unable to make records for other companies currently due to the probability of being sued for breach of contract.

Following these statements, a press release from the King Music Group stated on Friday October 12 that the relationship between the company and the artist had been re-established, and that the lawsuit was a result of “miscommunication not uncommon in the world of music.”

Included among the grievances in the lawsuit on October 8, 2007 by Ginuwine are:

  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Entertainment business fraud
  • Breach of contract

The deception of a seasoned veteran in the music industry, such as Ginuwine, underscores the importance of artists having an experienced, knowledgeable entertainment lawyer by their side.

Even with three albums breaking into the Billboard top ten, an experienced industry artist like Ginuwine temporarily fell victim to recording artist contract problems. While according to the King Music Group press release, the relationship appears to have been re-established, but the uncertainty over the legitimacy of Ginuwine’s contract was assuredly not an entertaining experience for the artist or his lawyers. To prevent an incident such as this from holding back your entertainment career, align yourself with an experienced entertainment lawyer immediately!

A music recording contract requires the professional guidance of an entertainment lawyer. Contact an entertainment lawyer today to protect your music recording contract interests today!

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