How to Start a Music Publishing Company

An important aspect of all artists’ careers is ensuring that their music is appropriately distributed via music distribution agreement and heard by others.  This will cause many artists to ask how to start a music publishing company. A music publisher offers to artists the service of promotions of musical compositions or work via a music publishing contract. The music publisher will actively promote an artist’s talent, align synchronization deals for television, advertising, and film, create performance revenues, and collect publishing royalties from any person or organization playing an artists music. While an artist focuses intently on the creation and perfection of their music, a music publisher will ensure the artist’s music is heard, performed, and properly compensated for these uses.

What are the benefits to be earned after learning how to start a music publishing company? The benefits and music business guidance a music publisher can offer an artist are numerous, but the decision to align oneself with a publishing company should be given some serious legal consideration. While the possibilities music publishing company could possibly offer to aspiring artists and publishers are large, an entertainment lawyer will help you ensure these promises become a reality instead of a legal nightmare.

An artist with proper legal aid in forging their own music publishing company can expect to receive income through:

  • Mechanical or retail royalties
  • Synchronization royalties
  • Performance royalties
  • Royalties paid in compliance with the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992

The advancement of an artist’s career can be immediately bolstered through the service of a music publishing company.  The integral role a music publishing company plays in the music industry aids their artists in many ways. The company promotes the artists music to record companies, ensures royalties are received from performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, and deals with the recording companies for the artist. An entertainment lawyer can provide you with what may literally become priceless advice and service in assuring your ambitions to start a music publishing company are in your best interest. Why wait in taking an important step to stepping up the level of your musical career today?

Do you need the legal guidance and backing from an experienced entertainment lawyer on how to start a music publishing company? Contact an entertainment lawyer to develop sound ideas on how to start a music publishing company today!

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