Commercial Music Publishing Contract

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Commercial music publishing, in its simplest form, is the combination of an artist's music in some medium that will ensure its exposure to the seeker's particular audience.  Usually, the source seeking the music is an entertainment company but may also be a non-profit organization or some other group.

Music publishing is extremely profitable for an artist and can increase a new artist's exposure to the public.

Commercial Music Publishing

The parties will typically sign commercial music publishing contracts.  This ensures that neither party will be sued if the other changes their mind and that the use of the music will remain in future airings of a television show or other commercial mediums of the product, such as a movie released onto DVD.

The market and conditions of each party varies in music publishing deals.  Amateur music publishing rights may be incredibly favorable for an artist who self-publishes vs. an artist working with a publishing house.  A particular publishing house may seek music publishing exclusivity, especially if the artist is well known or his/her songs are popular.  The publishing house makes decisions on granting licenses, manages the use of the artist's copyright in his/her songs and enforces royalty payments to the artist.

Industrial Music Publishing

Industrial music publishing works in a similar manner as commercial music publishing with the same negotiations taking place and agreements being signed.  The material is typically seen by fewer people since industrial products usually get less recognition and exposure to the general public than the average commercial material.

Commercial Music Publishing Contract Legal Help

This article is meant to be a guide, not a replacement for legal advice.  Whether you are trying to obtain music or get it licensed for someone, an experienced commercial music publishing contract lawyer can make sure that contracts are suitable and both parties are following the relevant laws.

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