Music Distribution Deals

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Any music artist or company that wants to make money and have acclaim in the music industry needs to be aware of distribution and have a good distribution deal in place.  Distribution is the way people are exposed to the music and the artist increases his/her fan base.

Music Distribution Deal Types

Two types of distribution deals are:

  • A record distribution deal:  cover the distribution of records
  • A CD distribution deal: cover the distribution of CDs

The records and CDs go to music stores, websites and other outlets that sell such things.  Generally, the same distributor would handle both forms of media but there could be exceptions. 

Today, record companies or artists would also consider distribution deals covering online access to the material where consumers can pay for individual downloads.

Where are the Terms of Distribution Deals?

The terms of distribution deals are often included in music industry contracts or music label contracts, largely because if a label or industry professional is working with someone then that entity is going to do everything it can to maximize the earning potential of that music artist to the label, hip hop producer, or any other entity involved.  Dealing with the terms of CD and record distribution deals ahead of time saves time and allows the parties to prevent arguments over the proceeds from distribution deals in the future.

The negotiating power of an artist is generally more favorable if the artist works independently but major companies and labels usually have more access to distributors.

Music Distribution Deals Legal Help

This article is merely a guide, not a substitute for legal advice.  A music distribution deals law attorney will be instrumental in making sure you get the best deal and understand what is being offered to you, especially if you are new to the industry.

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