Trademark Laws

Trademark laws are enacted in order to protect the unique and distinctive nature of the symbolic image or phrase a person or business uses to establish brand recognition. The protection of these unique identifying trademarks is vital for a company’s attempts to promote their organization. The infringement of these trademarks is a serious jeopardy to the well being of a business and is against civil law.

Trademark laws prevent a copyrighted intellectual property in the form of an image, symbol, word, or phrase from being used by any others outside the owners of the trademark.  The value of the trademark lies in the ability of the word, symbol, or image to portray the nature of a certain company or individual’s product or service.  The vague nature of what can or can not constitute a trademark, let alone a possible violation of trademark laws causes some much confusion and ambiguity that will be impossible to decipher without the help of an entertainment lawyer.

Some attributes a trademark must display in order to be viewed as exclusive include:

  • Indicates a source
  • Serves as a badge of origin for a product, person, or service
  • Promotes a fanciful and inherently distinctive design
  • Does not infringe other trademarks

The benefits of having an exclusive identifier for you or your company will undoubtedly be extremely beneficial, but the process of acquiring, not to mention maintaining and protecting, is not an easy one.  Expert entertainment legal counsel will best serve any person or organization wishing to register and utilize a unique identifier according to trademark laws.  The complexities and occurrence of infringement can scare away those no familiar with the legal nuances of trademark law, but why fear what an entertainment lawyer is readily available to handle for you or your company?

Are you or your business locked into a trademark protection legal battle? An entertainment lawyer will help you or your business effectively work through the current trademark laws and protect your company’s identity today!

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