Talent Agreement

A talent agreement records certain documented promises issued by all those engaged in the entertainment industry.  The far reaching implications of a talent agreement undoubtedly will overwhelm, if not simply confuse, any aspiring entertainer.  The binding nature of these agreements will affect the choices and rights an entertainer will have well into their future.
A frequent fear of those involved in the entertainment industry is the prohibitive nature a previously signed talent agreement may place upon one’s career.  The meticulously detailed and industry-adept a talent agreement could possibly leave an entertainer unaware of the possible implications and nuances a talent agreement may inject into their career.

Some common considerations when reviewing a talent agreement with a lawyer include:

  • Obligations and responsibilities to be met
  • Duration of the contract
  • Exclusivity or non-exclusivity of  the relationship between the entertainer and agency
  • Percent and parties which are liable for financial loss
  • The rights of the works created while under the talent agency
  • Percent of commissions for talent and the talent agent
  • Royalty agreements
  • Future earnings agreements
  • Mechanical and reproduction rights

An entertainment lawyer can not only navigate an aspiring entertainer through the difficult paper trail of understanding a talent agreement, but will also be able to assist an client with counter negotiating unfavorable terms spelled out in the original talent agreement.  The informative clarity a lawyer can provide a client about the terms and conditions of an agreement are numerous.  The insight and clout an entertainment lawyer offers their clients adds to knowledge an entertainer has about their own value in the eyes of a particular company or the entertainment industry as a whole, and after all, knowledge is power.  With this additional knowledge and power, an entertainer will be able to successfully sign a favorable talent agreement and protect the future interests of their careers.

It is highly advisable any entertainer seeks the counsel of an attorney prior to signing a talent agreement.  Contact an entertainment lawyer to review the detailed aspects of your talent agreement today!

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