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For an aspiring author, there are a number of literary work publishing options for you to pursue, but which ones are appropriate for your endeavor? An entertainment lawyer can knowledgeably break down this hurdle to having your work published. After putting such effort into your creative project, why allow the confusing publishing negotiations of literary publishing deal derail you away from your success?

Following the development of a literary piece, an author will undoubtedly seek to publish their work through one of two common methods: self-publication or use of a publishing company. Even in the event an author wishes to self-publish their own works, it is best advised they seek the counsel of an entertainment lawyer to smooth the process for them. While this method avoids the difficult contract phase with publishing companies, self-publishing may present other unique problems which will best be handled with the aid of an entertainment lawyer. The more popular approach to publishing, the brokering of a deal with a publishing company, calls for serious legal considerations.

Some options an author and their entertainment lawyer must address when negotiating a literary publishing deal include:

  • Purchase of intellectual property rights
  • Royalty and advance financial figures
  • Intended formats of publishing
  • Proposed locations or countries of distribution
  • Derivation of book copyrights

By bringing an entertainment lawyer onto one’s literary support system, a prospective author significantly increases the likelihood of pursuing a successful writing career. The complicated and confusing process of contract negotiations, optioning or selling intellectual property, and the literary publication deals makes seeking the assistance of an entertainment lawyers an absolute necessity. Why not protect the works in which you have invested long and demanding hours to produce through book copyright protection?

Congratulations, are you finally ready to bring your writing to the table of a literary publishing deal? Contact an entertainment lawyer in regards to your literary labors today!

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