Film Rights

Once an intellectual property, such as film concept, story, or script, has been copyrighted, the owner then may wish to have these properties sold. Selling the rights of an intellectual property to make a derivative work, as in most cases to produce a film, is known as optioning or selling of the film rights. This process can be very uplifting for an aspiring film writer’s career, however, without proper legal guidance, one can easily enter into a compromising agreement.

The complicated and often confusing arena of the entertainment business stems from the complex process of selling or optioning the copyrights to a certain film concept or script. The devious nature of entertainment industry insiders makes preying on the nativity of an aspiring film writer all too common. An experienced entertainment lawyer will efficiently navigate these aspects of your career for you, while allowing you to focus on your creative projects wholeheartedly. A successful negotiation and optioning of your creative film works depends on the right and proper legal representation one chooses to oversee this highly technical aspect of the entertainment business.

Common situation an entertainment lawyer can handle for a film writer include:

  • Protecting intellectual property rights
  • Facilitating the optioning of your writing
  • Dealing with exhibition rights of your film
  • Persuading producers to greenlight your project

The excitement of producing your project should not cause you to overlook the important need for a solid legal foundation in selling your script. Becoming a victim to industry agents and companies is a common mishap plaguing emerging artists who were not so fortunate as to contact an entertainment lawyer immediately. In order to ensure that your career is not cut short or hampered by no legal guidance in the arena of film rights, contact an entertainment lawyer today who will guide you through this important aspect of your budding career. Don’t allow you and your intellectual properties become exploited by business savvy industry insiders. Get the entertainment legal guidance you absolutely will need right away!

Are you interested in selling your intellectual property film rights? Allow an entertainment lawyer begin the exciting process of optioning your film rights today!

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