Copyright Infringement

In the entertainment industry, the services of a copyright infringement attorney are more pertinent than ever before due in part to internet and other technology advances.  A premier legal example of this fact is found in the recent infringement court case MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. in which the Supreme Court ruled that peer-to-peer networks violated the copyrights of musicians and filmmakers. This recent battle over entertainer’s copyright protection, however, is one which has been waged since words were first placed on papyrus paper. Whether in film, music, literary, or even performance endeavors, the possibility of you or your organizations exclusive intellectual property being infringed upon has become a sad reality for all those involved in the entertainment industry. Protecting and recovering damages from a copyright infringement, however, can be effectively and painlessly addressed with the simple guidance of an copyright infringement attorney.

According to the MPAA, the costs of copyright infringement in the film industry alone reached an all-time high of $18.2 billion in 2005. Coupled with this large loss to the film industry, other entertainment industries, most notably the recording industry, have suffered increasingly serious losses due to copyright infringement as well.  Even without the additional technology available today to illegally copyright and distribute music, the entertainment industry has been hurt with copyright infringement. Such as Robert Van Winkle, publicly known as Vanilla Ice, and his blatant infringement of 1981 Queen and David Bowie collaboration "Under Pressure" without permission, the public and industry favor of an artist and their credibility seriously diminishes. In the end, Ice and the copyright holders of “Under Pressure” never went to court and presumably settled outside of court for an undisclosed sum. The financial losses are simply one aspect of a complete violation of an artist or group’s exclusive right to their own intellectual property being exploited by others without the owner’s consent.

Some entertainment properties which may fall victim to copyright infringement include:

  • Copyrighted music
  • Copyrighted television and films
  • Copyrighted literary products
  • Copyrighted trademarks or service marks

In today’s entertainment market, all entertainers can to become the victim of copyright infringement by the public, other companies, their own present or past business associates and even contemporary artists. A recent, well-known example of this rampant infringement includes the instance of users on Myspace utilizing copyrighted works for their personal display pages on the social networking site. This practice still continues today much to the criticism of some artists and performance rights organizations. The importance of an artist to take preventative and reactionary measures to such infringements is of the utmost importance. The legal complexity of such a task need not overwhelm an artist or hamper their creative pursuits. An entertainment lawyer will focus on addressing and correcting the legal aspect of our job while letting you freely focus on your own.

Are you in need of a copyright infringement attorney to prevent the theft of more than just your intellectual property? A copyright infringement attorney will defend you or your company from copyright infringement and give you back the value of your exclusive intellectual property today!

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