How do I get paid as far as royalties go?

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I just completed my first book and it is being published to be sold. How do I get paid as far as royalties go?


Usually when making a contract with a publisher about book royalties for the book you have just written, you are paid for the net sale cost of the book, not gross, which is after deducting the bookstore’s fee. Your percentage will also be tiered by differing percentages of royalties every year, or changed in the percentage you receive based on the number of copies sold. These royalties are only paid for the original purchase from book stores, so any used second hand book sold from a second hand bookstore will not net you have profit from royalties. It would be beneficial to speak with a lawyer who is an expert in the entertainment and distribution laws who handles book royalties if you have further questions as far as forging a contract with your publisher.

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